The Beginning of the Journey-Part 2

Apologies…Its been quite a long break from my last post..Life happened. Well I’m back and here to stay. Below is the concluding part of my first post..Enjoy!

When I started on this journey of fulfilling my life’s purpose or if I could use the verb creating a new culture of wealth, I was already 34 years old, married and with a child (albeit 2 years older now).

The only thing that had kept me from taking the bold step before then was the thought of ‘where and how do I start all over again. I’m sure you’re wondering or asking your self what I mean by starting all over again. Well, if you can remember what I said in my previous write-up about the willingness to learn, unlearn and relearn – especially as it has to do with a new way of life – then you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

We are the summation of all the choices we’ve made up until now, some of which were inherited but by and large, most of which we made ourselves. So don’t be alarmed by that person you see in the mirror everyday.

I had just started a mentoring relationship and the way ‘vision’ and ‘wealth’ were defined, was for me mind blowing. It was deeper and more detailed than anything I had heard previously on both subjects. It was then I knew I had to completely change my approach to practically every area of my life – marriage, family, finances, business, relationships etc. – to start afresh, I would say, on my path to achieving my purpose.

Back then I was living my life on ‘chance’ and had this ‘entitlement mentality’ – the deception that I was somehow, someday going to hit it big. I remember all those mind blowing and mouth watering marketing promos by telecom companies that offered huge amount of monies, and how I would dream of what I was going to do with my proceeds once I won any of the prizes.

I was always looking forward to getting that call for a big contract without necessarily working or doing anything towards getting it. The truth is I was just living a life of deceitful fantasies and depending on factors outside my control for achieving success. Isn’t that the way a lot of us live our lives today. We’ve been sold a lie by the prevalent culture of covetousness, greed and lazy practices. We’ve been bitten by the cruel bug of the ‘get rich quick’ and ‘instant-result’ syndrome.

Instead of channeling our youthful energies, passion and intellect into more productive and positive driven habits, choices and behavior, we prefer to toe the path of least resistance. Like my mentor defines it, ‘Poverty is not just about the absence of money, it is the sign of ingratitude to God for not maximizing all the potentials He has placed in you in order to be a blessing to others.

Having said all of the above, don’t think I didn’t have a business I was running or a vision for my life. I just wasn’t doing enough – putting in the extra effort that was needed in pushing me towards the fulfillment of my dreams. I was constantly waiting for that ‘break through’ moment – the day heaven would look down and smile favorably at me. Well my friend, that day never came, at least not while I was thinking and living irresponsibly.

God is not as loving as we often imagine Him to be, thinking He will bless us irrespective of the bad choices we make daily. In fact, I think it’s an act of mercy on His side when he holds back from granting us our covetously, faith motivated prayers. He knows when you can be entrusted with true wealth. Anything bestowed upon you before then will only destroy you. So, He withholds it until we are ready to toe the path of making the right choices, developing positive habits and exercising enough patience to see ourselves grow into wealth and success.

There is no short cut or fast way to success, the path to it is laden with a lot of discipline, faith and hard work. So let’s dig our heels in and make the best of whatever potentials, talents and opportunities we’ve been blessed with.


The Beginning of the journey.

There comes a time in one’s life when you stop and ask yourself the question “Is this really what my life is all about?”  “There has to be more to my life than this – where I am, what I am doing and who I am?”

I believe when you get to that point in your life, you’re about to embark on the journey of self-discovery. However, when you’re truly convinced and ready to learn, unlearn and relearn and to give it your all, then we can conclude you’re ready for true success and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Now hold on! Before you start thinking this is just another one of those ‘motivational blogs’, I can tell you upfront that it’s not. It’s simply one of the platforms I intend to open up for self expression – the other platforms you’ll get to know soon enough – the reason for the name ROV (Revolution of Values). It’s an avenue for expressing my passion and deepest thoughts with those who share or will come to share same interests.

I’m beginning to believe that there is a measure of good in every man but it’s just the degree in which it is expressed that is different with each person. The Yoruba’s (a tribe in Nigeria) have an adage for this, which says, “Even a bad child has his good days”. It is this good part that I intend to reach out to in every one of us.

I’m writing in the hope that I’ll connect with others out there who are like-minded and whose desire it is to see, do and live differently from the way our society is presently configured. I’m talking about those who desire to stand out, make a difference and be a blessing to others.

We must have those who are willing to take up the responsibility for the greatness of their nation. But in order to achieve this, that change has to start with me’. The question then is, ‘How much am I really willing to change to see change take place?’ As it’s often said, ‘You can’t give what you don’t have’. The whole process then must start with the individual. I believe that if each person can get it right, then we all as a people will get it right.

So I decided to take 100% responsibility for my life, which, when given time is bound to influence every other area of  life, especially as it concerns my relationships, community and nation at large.

I made up my mind that even if for any reason I didn’t feel confident enough to pursue and fulfill my God given purpose for my own sake, then I had do it for the sake of the many lives that are in one way or the other connected or supposed to benefit from its fulfillment. Not to do so would be a grave injustice that God wouldn’t wink at.

…to be continued.